Slate placemats

This website is about the use of slate as placemats. Right now I only have this one page, hopefully will update this website in the future with fun uses.

There are only a few countries that are using slate placemats – which is likely to change in the coming years. Companies such as Brooklyn Slate and Slateplate has been advocating the use of slate for serving food and as a slate placemat for years – and other uses.

Before these companies – there were not much representation in the US for using slate for these kind of purposes.The slate industry in America was primarily just for providing roofing slate. It was the Welsh that first adopted the use of slate for many purposes; in fact, at one point, one quarry in North Wales was the largest quarry in the world, and they were also the largest exporter of slate in the world.

These days, many countries are interested, including the Chinese. Unfortunately, the Chinese has littered the American market with very, very cheap slates. There are big companies that are now selling these slates in America, and they are apparently “food-safe”. Will you trust these cheap slates to have undergone strict quality controlĀ – especially if they are selling for $1 a piece? No! In fact, I once tried one of their products and I was completely disgusted, there were chippings from the slate going into my food! I stopped eating right there.

I can tell you right now that if you are going to buy slate, especially for the purpose of serving food, DO NOT BE CHEAP. Not only are they dangerous but they also look terrible. You get your money’s worth people. I would recommend either purchasing Slateplate’s slate placemats or Brooklyn Slate’s. Do your own diligence when going through other companies. The main difference between Slateplate and Brooklyn Slate’s products is that the former is blacker, and is dishwasher-safe due to using acrylic feet instead of cork feet. On the other hand, Brooklyn Slate has a much more rustic look. Neither one is better than the other, it just completely depends on your taste.